Technical inspection and quality control services



Welding inspection, non-destructive testing:NDT courses:

  • Visual inspection of weld (VT).
  • Penetrating liquid inspection and test (PT).
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MT).
  • Industrial radiography and interpretation (RT and RTI)
  • Ultrasonic inspection and test (UT )
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic inspection.

– Inspection during construction and installation of equipment in industrial projects inside and outside the country

– Carrying out third party inspection (TPI) inside and outside the country

– Inspecting and supervision at the site of construction as a resident inspector

-Contract management (MC)

– Performing a professional inspection on goods, quality, and quantity control, considering technical specifications and relevant standards during the process of production, packing, and loading.

– Inspection of steel structures and civil works, welding, dimensional control, construction, and erection.

– Inspection on construction and installation of fixed equipment.

– Inspection on manufacturing and installation of rotary equipment

– Corrosion control inspection and cathodic protection

– Inspection during operation and overhaul

– Inspection of overhead and gate cranes, elevators, and lifts

– Providing technical inspection services inside and outside the country for export and import

– Providing inspection and monitoring, performing routine and periodic tests.

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