About us

BPF-CO is performing in the following contexts:

Technical quality control and weld inspection services

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BPF- CO Engineering and inspection Company is an international third party inspection company.

The “BPF- CO Engineering and inspection Company” was established in 2011.

As an Inspection services company , BPF-CO performs quality control on behalf of your company in the context of oil, gas, petrochemIcals, water treatment, sewage and etc.

We are developing to be among the top 10 inspection companies in the world.

As the third-party inspection company in the oil & natural gas and other industries, we make you assured about the quality of your products.

We are a well-known 3rd party inspection company in our job.

We are doing our professional job with our expert engineers and technicians In order to provide technical inspection services in context of the oil, gas, petrochemIcals, water, and sewage industries.

We conduct our tasks professionally by using up-to-date standards and utilizing the knowledge and experiences of technical experts, engineers, and specialists.

We provide 3rd party Technical inspection and quality control services




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