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NOVASCAN portable ultrasound phased array flaw detector

Novascan is a full-featured phased array inspection tool. In addition to the phased array function and two-channel TOFD detection module, it also supports TFM imaging and FMC data acquisition. The number of imaging points is 1024 * 1024, which greatly improves imaging and shows small defects more clearly

PHASCAN II phased array ultrasound flaw detector

Phascan II is the upgrade version of phascan products, which updates the core devices. According to the accumulation of user demand in the market promotion in recent years, the software function is also upgraded, which makes the function more perfect and the operation more humanized.

FlexScan Portable PAUT Flaw Detector

Flexscan portable phased array ultrasonic testing flaw detector is the latest competitive product made by Doppler. It shares reliable quality and capable performance with Phascan

Smaller size, lighter weight, Hardware upgraded, software improved, more efficiency operation.Flexscan is one of the best solutions for on-site inspection

PHASCAN portable ultrasound phased array flaw detector

Take the lead in passing the authoritative performance test of CSEI

Phased array training assessment designated model!

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